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Animation can be used to inspire, educate, inform & entertain.

Animation is the creation of moving pictures/ images with the help of technology and/ or animation software. VFX refers to the creation of awesome effects & realistic environments in films by combining real-life images with animation using special software.

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The animation industry in India is large & growing. Animation, gaming & web design professionals work on full-length animation movies, create TV commercials, education CDs, work in the advertising industry or as web designers in various companies.The field offers many exciting careers. Upon completion of a career course, you can choose to specialize & work in any of the following segments of the industry:


3d Animation

The creation of moving pictures in a 3-dimensional digital environment. It is done by sequencing consecutive images or 'frames' in a gradual progression of steps, filmed by a virtual 'camera' & then output to video by a rendering engine.


2d Animation

The creation of moving pictures in a 2-dimensional environment, such as through traditional cel animation or in computerized animation software.


Web Designing

Designing websites, creating rich media content for the web, viral ads and internet games.

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Blending live action footage with computer generated characters, objects and effects to create realistic computer generated digital video & film sequence.



Designing games for PC, Internet, Touchpads, Mobile & Consoles (such as Playstation or Xbox).



Creating design and audio-visual content using different media & formats such as text, pictures, music, sound, videos, films, animations, and more.

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E-learning refers to the use of learning & teaching via electronic technology -computer software,internet, audio/video devices, TV, etc. Creators of E-learning modules use rich media, audio, video & graphics to teach a particular topic.

Most jobs in Animation require artistic skills & knowledge of the latest software.
A few of the job roles in animation are:

Technical Artist

As the name suggests, a technical artist offers technical support to various members of the animation team. He or she combines & optimizes graphics from different sources, performs research & development and develops new techniques to solve any product & creation challenges. A technical artist often acts as a negotiator between the programming & design teams to develop work that will support a game feature.

3d Artist

A 3D Artist creates objects & characters in a three-dimensional layout and adds visual effects to achieve a more realistic overall look. Many 3D artists are employed in the entertainment industry. Their job is to create special effects for TV shows & films. They also create 3D models for animation or the animation itself. Some examples include video games, logos & computer-generated blueprints for engineers or architects.

User Interface Designer

A User Interface Designer should be able to work with HTML, Flash & other computer publishing platforms and processes. He or she creates & organizes complex user interfaces for a number of different computer applications. It is also his job to conduct usability tests to ensure every interface is user-friendly.

Storyboard Artist

A Storyboard Artist provides the first visual sample of what a cartoon or other piece of animation will look like. He or she produces a series of comic-strip-style drawings that depict storylines, characters & scenes to reflect what the finished product will look like.

Texture Artist

A Texture Artist is responsible for developing the texture in the characters & landscapes of cartoons, video games, etc. Her job is to bring the animation to life & make it look real. A Texture Artist will often scan photos of different textures into her computer, then apply them to the animation environment.

3D Lighting Artist

As per the 3D Animation production pipeline, a 3D Lighting Artist uses a 3D software to create lighting for a shot or scene and ensures that there is consistency in lighting, colour balance and mood between the various elements of the shot or scene.

3D Rigging Artist

As per the 3D Animation Production pipeline, a 3D Rigging Artist uses a 3D software to create an underlying bone structure for the model, which can be linked to control points that is used by the animator to create animation.

3D Animator

A 3D Animator creates model animation breathing life into an object or character with the help of poses, expressions, gestures, actions, acting and dialogues.


A Compositor works in areas of animation as well as post production. Compositors blend visual elements from separate sources into a single shot or scene, often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.


The global animation industry is growing every year by leaps & bounds.

The Animation & VFX industry is expected to grow at 16.3% to reach 95.5 billion rupees by 2019. VFX & Post-production services, meanwhile, are expected to grow at 26% and 22% respectively*.

Animation & VFX are used widely in many areas like TV, films, ads, medicine, training & education, e-learning, legal & insurance, 3D visualization, architecture, etc. Another interesting area in this industry is the creation & design of games for PC, Internet, mobile, gaming consoles (Playstation/ Xbox).The gaming industry is estimated to grow at 14.3% per year to touch 45.8 billion rupees by 2019*.

Because of the industry is growing so fast, there is a constant demand for skilled professionals from both, Indian studios as well as for internationally outsourced projects.

Arena Animation helps prepare you for creative careers in Animation, VFX, Web design, Multimedia & Gaming.