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Thousands of exciting jobs & careers ahead!

Did you think animation was only about creating cartoon films? Think again!

Vaibhav More, E. Suresh, Prashant Shahane, along with experts from Pipsqueak Films, Krayons Pictures & Vensat, discuss job prospects in Animation & VFX

If you love watching new movies, enjoy interesting design or art, and want to make a career in an exciting, creative field, then it is time to think beyond animation. Animation movies are just a tiny part of what you as a creative guy can do!

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The new avenues where today's animators, graphics & VFX artists work, include:

Boring office jobs are not the right choice for creative people. Companies are willing to pay a good salary to great designers/ animators/ artists.Which is why, working in animation or VFX or gaming or web designing can open exciting career paths for you, in India as well as around the world. In India alone, the current size of the industry is approx US $247 million* with 15-20% growth per annum. So imagine the sheer number of jobs it will create for people like you!

  • Advertising
  • Movie
  • Web
  • Graphics

It's all about advertising!

Once upon a time, animation was limited only to conventional cartoons & animated films but now with new technology, big companies and innovations, big brands are going for VFX & animation-based ads.

Recent examples of such ads include:

  • Evian's Roller Skating Babies
  • Alpenliebe ads where Kajol has some fun with the crocodile
  • Fanta ads every summer
  • 7UP ads which feature a dancing penguin along with actor Sharman Joshi
Apart from ads, there are so many viral videos which are used for brand promotions or just for a bit of fun with the audience! These videos too use animation & VFX effects.Think of the last funny baby video you saw, or the bollywood spoofs that are so popular on the Internet - yes, all those were created using animation/ VFX!

Bottom-line: Today, animation/ VFX is used in every single advertisement.

Movie careers available

Simply put, VFX is about adding special effects to films, ads, TV shows etc.

Today, every single movie or TV show uses VFX

to make it much more interesting, to give it that 'special' feel which is just not possible through live shooting. This way, VFX & animation enhance the quality of each scene.This means that every film needs to hire an animation and/ or VFX studio to do the special effects for them. These studios employ creative & well-trained people to do this work. Which is why, there are huge career opportunities for creative people in production houses & studios.

Work wonders with the web

Think of the last time you booked a flight or train ticket, or the last movie that you watched. Chances are you did it on the Internet. And after watching the movie, you probably even posted your review of the film on Facebook!

These days, websites are all about sharing and convenience, through social networking portals, online shopping portals, online advertising, videos & other content sharing, emails...everything is online. Any help you need you Google it, don't you?

But did you know that, apart from every single website you have ever visited, each and every search engine too is developed by web designers & developers? Can you imagine your life without the Internet? The whole world is online & connected. Everybody - including big companies & brands - uses the Internet to reach more & more people.

Which explains why the latest websites are so cutting-edge and cool! They are more colourful, they load faster, they showcase everything beautifully by using smart design elements, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and more.

G for graphics, M for Multimedia

Graphic designers are among the most creative folks out there. They use their imagination & their ideas to create brand identities, magazine layouts, websites, apps for social media name it!

Graphic designers not just come up with cool & innovative concepts, but they bring those ideas to life using bold colours, interesting fonts, smart illustrations, breathtaking photography & animation as well as amazing print & layout techniques.

These guys work in every industry, from advertising to newspapers to digital (Internet & mobile) to banks (who did you think designs all those interesting newspaper ads for your bank?), to IT companies, soap & shampoo companies, companies that make corn flakes (your cornflakes do come in some colourful, nice boxes, right?!

Graphic designers create sketches or layouts on paper or on a computer to showcase their design ideas.Today, graphic designers are in great demand all around the world. It is one of the best paying careers and the scope keeps increasing every day.